On the darkest train
She pulled up today
And nailed a black corsage
On Johnny’s grave

And I know she got a reason
Everything’s been bought
And it’s never too far to go
The money has no cost

She’s like a rocket-charge
A rolling stone
In a rocking tiara
In the family coach

She’s gonna ride it, ride it, Kentucky horse
No matter what the cost may be

She starts crying
When the butlers change
And she’s far too young
And far too vain

But it sure gets done
Darkest children insane
She’s her father’s son
Ride the motorcade

And I know it’s gonna be blow
When the band comes on
She flew a jet across the sea
Just to hear them play their song

Like a rocket-charge
With a diamond ring
With a prism heart
And a diamond chain

She can buy it, sign it
Write it off for free my Lord
On her wedding day, with no prayers to say
And a rolling stone, and a credit card