Does anybody know about this "Human" junk?
Cause everyday I am on a chopping block.
First your born and then your dead.
All the time thinking your the one.
Only congestion in your head.

The C.A.D. didn't murder God.
But they will lay you out,
Right upon the block.
At the time your having fun,
Then here comes Juniper Joe.
At the time you begin to run,
But your much too slow...Diamond Man
To the chopping block,Punch in the jaw.
No getting away,Got you on the run.
It's all windows too.
But none will open the way.
Talk about concept of time,
It's out.

Just a chopping job,Hunk of Burning Love,
Gonna slice your brain,with a dirty saw.
All the time they beat you down,
No rest from that chopping sound.
No escape though you wish you could,
But they're all around.
Next time when the moon is full,
You try to know what is bad or good,
But it don't matter anyway,
On "Chopping Day" They chop away.