Like a man whoís lost in outer space,
I roam the desert and itís not your place,
Tears and heartache are my home,
Virtue, cleverness alone.
Now the boy said,Ē MotherĒ,
ďFather give me my cureĒ
Listen baby, Iím talking pure.
Tears and bleeding in my home,
Send a parcel to the foreign zone.
Now the crucible burns down,
And the furnace blows,
Flame town,
And the sharp wheel strikes the cut,
And the burning cure,
That is pain ,Ö Alright.
Now mercy baby,
Mother isnít here,
Get the vibration,
Hop on my sea,
Tears and heartache in my home,
Impossible to miss this message son,
Dark City Ball,
Thatís a Ball,
What a Ball,
Thatís a Ball,
I feel so pure,
Now listen girl,
A barracuda,
Has got a right.
Tears and murders in my home,
Mother sayís you better pass this son.
Now the dealer palms some cue cards.
And the bet is sure that theyíll cut you,
And the card for you, Baby shakes it,
Letís go to town and jellyroll all night,
Thatís right,
Thatís right
Thatís right
Thatís right
Thatís right
Thatís right
Thatís right