By the shore, deprivation,
By the sea, meditation,
What blinded you, what the priest saw,
The deciding line, what the mother saw,
Sanitation, sanitation for us all,
Sanitationís just great, sanitation for the day,
Then her body shook, like a shaman,
And the busted through, penetration,
She forgot to change, into the party suit,
But she always won, in the talent show,
Sanitation, gonna jump on to this world,
Gonna sterilize the sun,
So itís safe for everyone,
Chemical love in the morning,
Stars shinning down on empty gardens,
Oh they tried so keep the cage locked,
They played the psalms to the Minotaur,
But the bed sheets became escape ropes,
Lights come on and thereís a power surge,
Sanitate fish on the run,
No bluff, this is a gun,
The charge you will see,
In the court appointed way,
Chemical love in the morning,
The tree in the garden is falling,
Canít see the moon in the corner,
The Geiger counter moves the water,