Epic Ripped Up Letter

Just before you’ve taken my pride
I tried to explain to you, wasting my time
When I saw you, tried to say
But for a while there forever a day I said

I’ll keep joy and marriage in my time
The situation will find
What I saw
Anything you say…hey, hey, hey
I’ll steal anything the clouds have to cry Hey

Hate you, love you, any game I played
I married you and worked the jealous arcade
I was so sentimental sung
Then so down for my heart

I thought you, anything might fly…
Excited, anything you did, hey, hey, hey
Accepted, then I should have quit, hey, hey, hey

I said: ‘Lies don’t come in a window, but they can turn you grey’

Dark cave, raining outside
I might take you, changing my mind
I saw her dancing in my cell
With her “cure all”
Anyone could tell I say

I thought to getting through my day hey, hey, hey
Don’t see her acting in my play hey, hey, hey
Adore taunting my pain hey, hey, hey oh yeah