Today gonna tell a true confession
Gonna tell it to the whole damn town
The waves on a mountain are for surfing
And the drugstores are just too young
What does it mean? I hear you whispering

Well, you should know, cause youíre always right
And you flaunt your intelligence around town
Yeah, I saw you standing there like a shit
Is that you in a standstill in traffic?
You blame the crossroads, cause theyíre always wrong
You refuse them water, and Iím not trying to complain
I just think, murder is a shame

Everybodyís got a right to live
Why do all the holy bastards have to kill?
I can understand a passion for a belief
But when I see it all in an overview it appears so sad
Itís always this or that, tit for tat, an eye for an eye
Always some racist fucker gonna puke some jive
People get pissed off and thatís OK
But thereís always some meddler trying to ruin the day
You better think twice thatís my advice
Your target becomes yourself some day
Downtown sickening sound
Some loud talkers fucking around

God helps those who help themselves
But you donít need Godís help, you got il all covered, donít you?
Itís true that you think your cheap pleasures are worthy
And God knows how natural your decadence is
Canít tell whatís going on
Well use your charm
Put our your spider web
Catch the meaning