Tears started running down the register,
I was three days from the Devils court,
Iím all nervous but the trails through,
If I could decide what the Hell to do.
Really feel nice nearly every day,
Like a snake baby, doesnít matter what you say,
Itís always nighttime into the day,
But Iím just sittiní in jail anyway.

Talk about running Sonny boy,
Youíre running through the police now,
Let me see you innocent and get a job,
Let them see the soul thatís gone.

Oh No, No, you lose again,
You shoot them down,
Theyíre bark and shout,
Praise upon the Lord,
And say ĎYeah thatís rightĒ!
Praise cause speaking in tongues is outa sight.

Take that Monday,
Take that Friday,
Take it all away from the Devils eye,
Take all March,
And take all Winter,
I take it all away cause Iím having fun
Think about jazz, thatís what I do,
Think about running and burniní through,
Think about ĎSomedayí and turn it around,
Think about something there and gone,
Itís all gone,
Thatís what I said,
Thatís what I said,
Thatís right every time,
And gone,
Have fun,
This is not theory.

Think about running,
That was such a ball,
Think about running,
Straight through to Jah,
The drummer said people said,
To make a jump,
Busted for the second timeÖ.
Still runniní
With all sexy women,
I gotta run around,
Gotta get it,
So far get it on,
Gonna run,
Itís my journey,
They say itís different from killing,
Tears all gone, It sounded funny,
Joey said,
People said,
Itís all about summer,
A deco bride said,
ďI think you got a sexy jobĒ
Itís all go,
Catch a ball,
Iím gonna bare my very soul,
Listen to Morrissey,
Way up loud,
Stayiní here