You havenít lived my life,
And you ainít gonna die my death,
And before you think about judging me,
Youíd better check yourself instead,
Cause Iím the one whoís gonna have to pay my price,
Youíd better check your pockets,
Count your change,
Thatís my advice

Donít wanna hear your shit,
About the things I should quit,
Yeah I have locked eyes with the devil,
And you donít know none of it
Iíve been through war prison .
And worst of all broken hearted dreams,
You a graduate of kindergarten,
Or is that just the way it seems

You talk a lot of talk,
But you donít walk the walk,
And when you were sucking your mammaís titty,
I was living on the streets in New York City
God Damn chatterbox you talkiní, talkiní,talkiní about me,
Why donít you just shut your mouth,
And look up the word Ďhypocracyí?

When I shoot I do not miss,
So watch who youíre messing with,
Cause when jungle drums,
Really start a poundiní,
Iíll be the one left standing on the mountain
I prefer the hippy world,
Where we are all in love for a thousand years,
But Iíve got a problem and the problem is you,
So get these words penetrate your ears

Stop fucking around with me,
Go away and let me be,
Iíve seen your petty kind before,
The government employs many more
Donít try to trap me in your world ,
Itís much too small,
Get off my back,
And fuck yourself,
Now you have been warned