My Guitar

Hey! A trip for you thatís loud guitar
I see right through that Nazi star
Get out of the cannibal zoo
You need to open the door
Dumb fuckerís hang all the time
Not Moby Dick
You need a brand new start
A kick for you inside your brain
Beyond the limit is free
Donít stop the fire now
Donít nail the fool in a box
Release control
Find a lover
Get together
Hit it harder
Donít forget to
Donít forget you
They got to put you down before they put you in a box hey!!!
Find a lover
Get together
Hit it harder, yeah, yeah, yeah
Find a lover, get together
They got to get you down before they start mind control
God loves your very soul
That jungle vibe for you and me
They want a human zoo
They want your freedom too
They want to build it away
They want it all and then some
And thatís not enough you see
Iím tired of feeling this way
Thatís why I work everyday
Freedom for sure