Sit here alone in my room, I want to talk to you
Is anybody in tune? Can't live without you.
Stop the fires on, I want to comfort you.
Does anybody see, the beast inside of me ?

This is a lonely city, To be all alone
I don't like these people, I don't like their faces.

Damnation, I want to walk with you.
A sinner is living here,I thought I told you,
Yeah I'm mighty high,I'm in a drug world
And maybe bidding my time, My Meditation.

This is a lonely city, I'm all alone.
I don't like these people, I don't like their faces.

And I know,it ain't real And I'm so dissatisfied
And I know I can't change So cold , so paralized
And I know that you only see the bad side of me
And I know that your so fake and your gonna follow me
This is a lonely city, I'm alone. But it takes some pity,And drugs

All alone in this room, I wanna have you.
All alone in this world, I wanna touch you,
All alone in my chain, I wanna feel you,
All alone in a movie screen,I wanna tell you.

Such a lonely town, When your not around
Such a lonely world, Without you.

And I know it ain't real And I still ain't satisfyied.
And I know that I will break, And that I'll be tranqualized.
And I know that the key, It Is not inside of me,
And in a way its a fact That You will follow me. -solo-

All alone in the room,I wanna feel you
Sex channel on the tube,I wanna touch you
All alone in my heart,I always miss you
concentration fades from the start, I wanna sleep with you

Its a lonely world, Without you
I have a lonely heart, Broke from the start.
And I know, And I know All the days without a sound
Without you,without me And without no energy.
With out fortress for where to hide And no peace way down inside.
When it comes to me, You might say that I'm low,so very far
Another day here we go, in my soul and in my heart.
And I'm broken by it all, And I'm falling away,
Falling away, Falling away, Falling away, Falling away..