Yeah, sleepy time is here and itís quiet now
Asleep from the happenings of life
Soft futures and dreams on a soft bed
Itís so good when the spirit relax

Now itís time to know the smell of rain
And whisper of natureís drone
And the sea washes gently against your side
And thereís nothing more to understand

So sleepy and tired too
As I yawn, I yawn and I yawn
And the water is warm
And the world doesnít spin
In a dreamworld where we belong

Now thereís a whole lot of children sound asleep
And the creatures sleeping underground
Till the daylight wakes us all in kind
Weíre living in a sleepy world

Soft and tired like you
And so mystified
Flying again in a world of ďall by yourselfĒ
Now donít try

Itís time to hear the forgotten sounds
Of years and trains and lights
Or we can follow the circles around
To a place thatís soon to find