War Party

Poor little children, got no life
Born in a war zone, thatís no joke
The only hope I saw
Got popped in California
Thatís in the USA
About a dawn away
Thereís more, let me tell yaí
Gonna tell you, left side of the law
Babyís got to cry, thatís nothing new
But to live your life in tears, like you never knew
Animals are calling, to open up the Auschwitz doors
I just thought you might want to cop the charge
Out of the way then, if youíre just a ďcustomerĒ
Cause itís my right now to burn the store today
Defend the Czar, abortion in a jar
More than 20 years, worse than fears
The church has lied when the children died
The blood from the body
While the artists had a party
They were situated well, for the dark and cold
Situated well at the cocktail bar
Here comes the party
Rocks right through you
Iíll take a Holy War straight up
Drink the whales from the sea
Turn the music louder
I donít want to hear the pleading
Turn the television on, like a junkie bleeding
Blues guitar treasure, itís rolling on
Hell canít stop it, not this one
Quickly drink the last drink
Grab the last beer
Because the out of tune brass band
It is finally here
Itís something you dreamed of
In your darkest fears
No one is ready
But the war party is here