Tired of all youíre fucking shit
Getting sick because of it
You make me puke a lot you know
Kiss my ass and fucking blow

You jack off in the middle
For pussies in your band
Öhey Yo yeah yeah yeah
I wish you nothing bad
You dressed yourself in plaid

I donít care just what you say
Youíre fucking history
Get off my fucking ass
Fucking smoke a bag of grass

Youíre so full of hate
And I canít wait
Till you shut up
You shut up
Everybody knows
Everywhere you go
Jealousy, Jealousy.

Iíve got a tip for you
Something you should do
Check yourself in your heart
(Oh fuck it man, just go to hell)
Iím doing my thing
Nothing for you
Jealousy, jealousy
I donít ring your phone
So leave me alone
Jealousy, jealousy
Jealously green,